Rescued by Little Rascals



Recently on TV a young black man told his story after wounding a killer in a Waffle House, who had shot 4 people for no apparent reason.  The killer was part of the continuing news of serial animals, taking down innocent lives such as in Las
Vegas.  The black man was behind some doors, and immediately took some gun action like in the Old West and run the nut case off, who was wounded and captured a few days later.  Dozens of people were rescued from harms way, by the man’s quick and brave action.  He did not shoot to save that many people but he passionately wanted to go home to see his  son of 4 years.  The little rascal could have, through spiritual connection, and the love of his father, been given some element of credit for saving lives.  If the father didn’t like the boy at all, he may have hit the floor and crawled out an escape venue, but he confronted the killer out of sheer passion to see his son again.
Little children arouse a large amount of joy and rescue people out of many dangerous situations, just like a yellow lab dog has been known to do.  A Golden Retriever saved my sisters’ life in the Alaskan wilderness.  She was hiking way too far in the woods, when a sudden white out hit and she got turned around and visibility was around 5 feet.  If she made the wrong turn, the walk could have been 200 miles of wild country.  The dog, called Luke, ran up to her and whimpered for her attention, until she started following him.  Luke walked her through the blinding snow, ten miles back to the cabin, where her son was tending a roaring fire.  God Bless Luke.  She told me that she would have walked 200 miles through the snow storm to see Brett, her son once more.                                                I was in the hospital 8 years ago, with an OD  on Ibuprofen, and two feet that had bad infections and a strained muscle in my back.  The pain from the back strain was unbelievably bad, and I took too much Ibuprofen pills that were lyeing around the bathroom.  My kidneys shut down, and the infection got worse as did back pain.  I got an ambulance ride and helicopter to Denver, where a foot surgeon amputated some toes and near the arch and my kidneys were brought back.  During the episode, I felt near death, and was told later I had been given a 50 – 50 chance of surviving.  I went deep into my soul and vowed to survive so I could see my daughter, her husband, and grandson, three friends whom I deeply loved. The love for those youngsters, and prayer brought me back to full health, I really believe that.  God Bless the Little Rascals, they arouse our deep love of life, and walk us, holding hands,  out of the Wilderness.







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The recent NFL volcanic eruption and national response has opened up some ancient wounds and has shown Americans how History education in our High Schools is not like it used to be, in the 50’s.  It is true that black youth has been and is unfairly treated by a small number of policemen across the country.  One fact from the Justice Department shows that a much larger number of police who engage in brutality of black youth, are black policemen.  Also, black youth have a much higher percentage of violent crime statistics then whites, which causes a higher rate of confrontation.  Police are afraid to go into some neighborhoods in the south side of Chicago which has an extremely high rate of murder, black on black.  Fear is a large part of the problem.  It has been since Dodge City Kansas.  Something on a grand scale must  be done about…

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The recent NFL volcanic eruption and national response has opened up some ancient wounds and has shown Americans how History education in our High Schools is not like it used to be, in the 50’s.  It is true that black youth has been and is unfairly treated by a small number of policemen across the country.  One fact from the Justice Department shows that a much larger number of police who engage in brutality of black youth, are black policemen.  Also, black youth have a much higher percentage of violent crime statistics then whites, which causes a higher rate of confrontation.  Police are afraid to go into some neighborhoods in the south side of Chicago which has an extremely high rate of murder, black on black.  Fear is a large part of the problem.  It has been since Dodge City Kansas.  Something on a grand scale must  be done about the constant brutality and injustice that remains in the lives of a black person growing up in the U.S. The Trump Administration is assigning a large Task force to study and take action on this problem, and old wound against the Bill of Rights and the Constitution.

Black NFL players do have a legitimate deep seated and true feeling regarding this problem that has never been fully resolved, even since the 1965 Civil Rights Act.  Even though this is true, the mistake they are making on a grand scale , is they are not choosing the right situation, or venue to express their grievances.   They have not thought out in detail the history of the National Anthem, nor the History and philosophy  in the culture of our nation of the Flag.

The following are a number of items they should think over and look at from the perspective of fans, the President, American soldiers, and vets, and those that fought in the nations wars with the flag as their main symbol of survival and hope of victory.

The Civil War battles of 1861 including Gettysburg later in the war, were led in the front lines by a bearer of the Flag, stars and stripes.  If he fell in battle, the flag was retrieved and moved forward by a new bearer.  Abraham Lincoln announced in various speeches that the emancipation of black slaves was a big part of the war as well as preserving the Union.  Later on in the war, black soldiers fought side by side with white soldiers in some battles on the side of the Northern states.  The Stars and Stripes were noticeable in many photographs preserved from the Civil War.

Also, the flag throughout history in war was used as a banner of the charge into battle.  The national anthem is a warriors song of people honoring the flag as a symbol of a call to battle and when things got so bloody and tough the stanza “gave proof through the night that the flag was still there.”  Scott Key saw the flag still waving in the U S war against Britain, in a major battle.

It was the same in WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, and Iraq.
The game of football is a game of war, a game for warriors who are tough, mean and strong, the masters of the game can run a hundred yards under 10 seconds, clutching a football, and pump iron until the wee hours of the tender night.  Numerous terms describing action, are taken from a soldiers dictionary including Blitz, Kill, Charge,
The Red Zone, etc. and many more.  Many speeches I heard by my high school football coaches sounded like a general in the U S Army, screaming at us, preparing us for violent action.  “Take a lap” is nearly the same as a sergeant yelling at troops to march 3 miles with a rifle held overhead.  A play is called the Statue of Liberty, when the quarterback holds the ball over his head, and a back swings around the grab it and run around the opposite end the line is moving.

A study of the National Anthem will show its brilliant words as a national poem, a call to arms, and the comfort of the flag when the going gets tough, the hope and courage it brings up in one’s soul.
When the NFL players decided to kneel, to a great majority of Americans, they looked like they were surrendering, already quitting, had given up, and the disrespect weighed heavy on the hearts and souls of 66% of Americans, and moving higher in the polls.  If it keeps up, it could be the destruction spiritually and financially of the sport that so many loved since childhood,  in the parks and empty lots next door to boyhood homes in America, in the land of the free, and the home of the brave.







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Since the inauguration of President Trump, the hatefulness temperature rating has risen in the media to the point of insanity.  A rational person could have walked through the worst neighborhood in New York City in the 60’s and not heard one twentieth of the anger and outrageous obscenities being hurled nightly on CNN and NBC by angry incompetent reporters who flunked the basic course at Columbia’s School of Journalism 101.  Mark Twain wrote about this 100 years ago when it wasn’t nearly this bad and concluded Washington D C held a special criminal class of nitwits.  He had no respect for them and took most of his stories from the interior of the nation, with lots of wit and outrageous humor. I decided to step way back from this assault on one’s common sense and sense of human decency, and  tune in on my grand children.  Their speech is much funnier and playful and full of joy.  Their respect for other children and each other is refreshing to see and they give me hope that they will grow up in their 20’s with kinder people like I knew in southwestern Wisconsin in the 50’s.  The whole of America is basically a wonderful country, blessed with mountains and rivers that are so poetically beautiful they can bring a set of salty tears to ones eyes.  The moral of our story now is, put an old western on television, eradicate the hateful ones with a flick of a button and feel the joy of living in a great country, with good people everywhere.

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Conventions, the world of Mark Twain


The Democratic Convention is so chaotic and mendacity runs through it like the Mississippi River ran by Hannibal Missouri when Mark Twain was a boy.  Every speaker seems to attempt to one up the previous speaker, regarding how much they can misquote and lie about the Republicans and Donald Trump.  Not even Joe Biden  missed an opportunity to misquote several ideas from the recent event that was fact checked against the Washington Post statistics regarding unemployment, growth of the economy, and national debt.  Eight years of disaster under Obama has been very difficult to cover up.  Hillary Clinton is impossible to hold up to the light of scrutiny, the whole world is watching something that can only be renamed a convention of serial prevarications.

Obama’s speech was his usual mesmerizing, brilliant oratory, that could sway Abraham Lincoln if left unanswered.  As Newt Gingrich said after the speech, Obama may be the best speaker in the past 50 years.  Does he ever take real action to follow-up?, not really, and his mistakes in the past 7 years have been one disaster after another, with many countries like Libya lost to anarchy, the national debt at unsettling highs, and unemployment in the black neighborhoods, strange and negative when held up to his campaign promises.

Mark Twain had it right.  The religion of all politicians is money, with the dollar bill, the father, stocks as the son, and gold as the holy ghost. Nothing gets better from 100 years ago, and the convention in Philadelphia is absolute proof of that miserable fact.



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Dumbest Pople In The Room

During this political hysteria season across America, you often hear the term that is tagged to candidate “The smartest person in the room”.  It is another overused gem of pseudo intellectualism,  especially echoed constantly by residents of the government class in Washington D C.  They have the highly mistaken talking point, that since they live in a home in Washington D C, where real estate actually has risen since the financial crisis of 2007-2015, they somehow are qualified as extremely smart, above most Americans in financial and political I Q.  The glaring truth is, that the people making huge decisions for our lives in the halls of Congress and the White House, are not the smartest, and in reality could be the dumbest new bastards on the planet.  If you do extensive research since the Reagan years, up through the present, it is quite obvious that the  national debt, foreign policy, trade, immigration, and dozens of other areas of American life, it is at a horrific low, and the American Dream has been bogarted by incompetents.  

Mark Twain a hundred years ago, called these people incompetents, and their real religion besides the pursuit of power, is the pursuit of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost–the dollar$Bill, stocks, and gold.  Vincent Bugliosi, the attorney who stuck Charles Manson in prison for several lifetimes, says in his book called “Outrage”,  “Incompetence runs from the lowest government worker, all the way to the Presidency.”  One very positive note, in the midst of this fog of mediocrity and creeping mendacity, is the National Parks and the immense amount of National Forest in the nation has been maintained, since Teddy Roosevelt set aside millions of acres into public land, and began the National Forest era at the turn of last century.  We are all lucky that the dumbest people in the room and the greed heads for wealth, do not like to hike and enjoy nature.  They dream about striking it rich after they cause some scandal of rank ignorance and the creeping slobbism of theft and speeches at $250,000 per hour. Then they go on a Windjammer cruise and brag and act Cool about their savvy; bilking the American public.

They are not Cool.  How can an alcoholic drunken slob with Hollywood sunglasses on, they found at a garage sale, be considered Cool?  They come close to sinking ships, gathered in one spot, swilling down as much booze as the human body can stand, and mouth off about their rich county around D C. where they can dance, speak their secret language, impress the ladies with their net worth,  and stagger to the nearest bank.  No wonder nothing ever gets done in 8 years.  Ninety five % of the time is spent nursing hangovers and cleaning up after their strange appearances as eunuchs at a sex orgy, using OPM, the ordinary tax payer.

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      Have you asked yourself the past 4 years why we live in such a hateful society.  The media reflects this conflict every evening on the news and in our newspapers.  The Democrats do not disagree with Republicans, they hate them.  The Republicans hate the Democrats.  In the west the rednecks hate the pot smoking hippies, and the liberal crowd in small ski towns hate the rednecks.  Senators hate the Iranians and Iranians rant against Israel and America constantly.  It seems as if the world is revving up for a massive world war, and it will be big. 

In the meantime, pin pricking is constant by dozens of groups against each other.  The environmentalists hate the capitalists who frak for oil, and the oil men can’t stand the liberal, environmental lawyers.  There is very little evidence or rational thinking that goes with these conflicts, only emotional reactions, and the drum beat is constant.  It is as if people in America have decided to dumb down as a last resort before gunfire.  Violence is indicative of the last resort of a society, when good ideas are exhausted. 

It will take some major changes in our education systems to pull out of this morass of ignorance.  New laws requiring young people to stay in school until year 12 must be required, or public service, such as the military will have to be a requirement.  Many more jobs such as police and fire departments will have to require a college degree.  The classics should be revisited as requirements for graduation, and Plato’s Republic should be revisited. 

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Every president of the US since Eisenhower has either gotten as rich as a hedge fund owner, or killed or shot at by crazy assassins.  Mark Twain wrote hundreds of years ago that “The religion of America, the father, the Son and the Holy Ghost is the dollar bill, stocks and gold”.  It was true then, and a lot more true today.

When  Harry Truman completed his term and left Washington DC to return to Missouri, he left flat broke, with no pension.  Truman and his wife barely had enough money for the train to Missouri.  When he arrived in Independence he had to see a former banker he knew for a loan to live on for months.  He had a government pension of $123 per month and no source of income or assets.  His work for the U S people was a pure case of national sacrifice and President Kennedy described it as “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.”  The Secret Service did not protect Kennedy, and were incompetent in their task, out gunned and under staffed, open cars were acceptable. 

It is amazing that billions area spent for the protection of South Korea with 50,000 men and Europe with a few hundred thousand men, yet the president is so vulnerable to crazy gunslingers. Four hundred Secret Service men would assure the protection of the president and show what Americans think is important, not a few lawyers from the State Department that set up this long term nonsense approach and collateral damage is their most important mantra and not the public’s safety nor the president’s.

      Almost every media outlet and the whining public are constantly complaining about the president as not engaged, not responding to world events.  My conclusion is that the entire presidency and Congress is engaged in building up their net worth.  Money has become their main passion and gone beyond Mark Twains religion insights to a Cult status.  When the lawyers hear that CEO’s and hedge fund owners and Wall Street financiers are making 50 million per year, they immediately change National Sacrifice to the money game.  Each one in Congress and Presidents have gotten extremely wealthy from their positions in the government.  Nothing else gets done, and when they retire or finish their term, speaking engagements at $200,000 per talk, and book writing with an appearance on the O’Reilly or Oprah show is their key move to add to their gold war chest.

Is there a way to stop this kind of creeping corruption?  No one knows right now.  Ask the smartest person you know and they will have no answer.
We’re stuck with creeping slobbism in Congress, creeping money games in the executive branch, and thousands of well paid lobbyists that keep tahe cabal engine greased with the oil of money.  It will take a major change in the entrenched mind set of Americans to value family, nature, children and national sacrifice to start the renewal.  If talking heads on TV were to stop keeping the money score, it would be a start

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FBI, Federal Bureau of Incompetency

Hookers beware! Crime pays for the American Mafia.  It took 35 years to arrest the alleged Bonanno crime figure, Vincent Asaro, who is the alleged mastermind of the 1978 robbery at New York’s JFK airport, fodder for the book Wiseguy and the movie Goodfellas.  It took one hour for the heist of $5 million in cash and $1million in jewelry, one airport worker was whacked in the head, and others tied up.  A van was left in Brooklyn with fingerprints and evidence.  The money and jewels has never been found.  As the doughnut eaters at the FBI dragged their flat feet, people thought to be connected with the robbery were whacked one after another.  “Vinny” the alleged mastermind of the Lufthansa heist, must have watched a lot of old western cowboy movies, where bank and stagecoach robbers would escape the posse, and one gang member after another would be shot until the last man standing would be left to flee to Mexico.  Witnesses and informants disappeared from the case, one after another.  J Edgar Hoover, the flat foot from the gay section of Times Square, New York City, was known to leave the American Mafia alone, it was part of the Bureaus culture.

Edward McDonald, head of the Justice Department organized crime unit, was a Judas Duck from North Platte Nebraska.  He is a prime example of Vincent Bugliosi’s declaration in the book “Outrage” that incompetency runs from one level above a janitor, all the way to the Presidency in America.  Bugliosi put Charles Manson in a striped suit forever, on circumstantial evidence.  He claims he could have prosecuted a guilty OJ Simpson on a billion to one odds of DNA evidence.  He is one lawyer out of thousands to deserve respect.  The larger question and outrage is, why did it take the FBI 35 years to arrrest an old geezer mafia guy who looks like he belongs in an old persons home with tubes and 4 nurses to life support him.  Ten years ago, 110 FBI agents in 4 hours raided the last surviving whorehouse in Wallace Idaho, the U & I hotel, and ran off 11 painted ladies to Spokane.  Instead of arresting future terrorists, bank robbers and 6 million dollar heist men, they were concerned about one priest who whined for 30 years about the hookers, who were making a living in a backward Idaho town.  Maybe some of the ladies were outdoor types trying to make a living against all odds. I drove through Wallace from Minnesota after the FBI raid, and the U & I hotel was turned into a bordello museum.  The curator handed me a book called “Painted Ladies of the West.” 

The moral is, crime pays in America, but making a living in an old coal town by being a round heal, doesn’t pay.

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U S Constitution

     The officials that run and direct the NSA obviously have never read the Constitution of the U.S.  They are the worst kind of Judas ducks, attempting to lead an entire nation of people to a police state mentality, to eventual slaughter.   They may end up with death lists like in Wyoming in the 19th century, when Associations of thugs organized vigilante groups to fight the farmers and immigrants who had legal rights on Homestead acreage.  Tribes of thugs have always formed throughout history when there is no legal system, police are paid off, and judges are hundreds of miles away like in Wyoming.  Remnants of these thug families still wander around Jackson Hole, talk tough and throw round house punches at unsuspecting inebriated tourists.  None of these members of the cult of ignorance in this country have read Justice Brandeis’ 1928 decision and paper describing every Americans “right to be left alone”.  He spoke to the Supreme Court in 1928 and showed examples of this right in the US Constitution.  Several wars were fought over this right including the Civil War.  The cult of ignorance in this country must go away, it has resulted from the mistaken notion that in a democracy, my ignorance is as valuable as your knowledge.  “Ignorance is the curse of God, knowledge the wing wherewith we fly to heaven,”  William Shakespeare

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